im roo and i really love bunnies 

– kouao nsfw scene (drama cd)


They do a lot of kissing and touching prior to this part but *✧₊✪͡◡ू✪͡

akaiws: Ok sorry if it's weird but in my class this year there's a girl who looks just like you and first time I saw her I was like OMG is this Roo ? But then I remembered I don't live in the US so ... x)

omg no its not weird at all but thats really funny, i must have a twin >w<

flesheating: hey roo!! whats the name of the first song on your blog??? i feel like ive heard it before :)))

it’s called “by my side” it’s the ending song used after koujaku’s episode in dmmd the anime uwu


I wanna be in that relationship were I can just do the stupidest shit. Like legit, dance in public with me, make faces at me, do accents with me, hell, make fun of my bad habits in a funny way. I don’t care, just have fun with me.